Monday, July 6, 2009

Membership Blueprints is a Scam?

When I first heard about Membership Blueprints I really believed that it's another scam like most of the others. I decided to give it a shot and if I'll won't be happy with it I'll ask for a refund. With all the hesitation, when I got the Membership Blueprints package I was really shocked. Not only I got a huge package, but they even over delivered.

Two months after I got the Membership Blueprints I already had a membership site of my own, with 13 people registered. Yea I know, 13 people is nothing for a membership site, but ask yourself what I had if I tried to do it without the membership blueprints course.

Today I have 435 members in my membership site and the amount of new members is only getting higher and higher. I'm really happy that I took the right decision on the right time. So, if you are on your way to grab your own package, I can confidently say that you're doing the right thing. Those John and Matt Rhodes brothers are amazing, and they really know how to make money online, and how to teach other people to make it too.

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